Make your family’s snow day memorable with this adorable breakfast! Start by pressing cookie cutters on bread. For a perfectly defined shape, flip bread and press cookie cutters again. Save both centers and outsides of bread.
Next butter both sides of the bread pieces and place on tray.
Butter a non-stick skillet, and heat to slightly below medium-high.
Once the skillet has reached the proper temperature, place outsides of bread on pan and crack eggs into hollowed-out center.
Continue cooking eggs as you would an over medium egg, flipping bread when egg is slightly set.
Once egg is cooked, remove the bread with egg from pan. and place back on tray.
Continue by placing centers of bread on the pan to toast. Once lightly toasted, remove from pan and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
Lastly place bread with egg on plate, along with cinnamon sugar toast pieces, and a side of fruit.