Baby Shower Invite

Sadly, each day thousands of mothers in America choose to abort their babies.  Often this choice is because of fear, confusion, and anger towards their pregnancy.  Some may feel alone and abandoned by their partner, and believe that abortion is the only option… but it’s NOT!  The truth is, there are A LOT of other options, and luckily organizations such as Your Loving Choices are available to help new mothers in need.

From offering services such as free pregnancy tests, free compassionate counseling, and free baby items to new mothers, who wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and help out their local pro-life center?  You’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty incredible ministry!

One extremely easy way to show you support life is to host a Community Baby Shower outside of a business in your area.  (I set mine up outside Wal-Mart).

  1. Feature a bake sale and donation drop off to support your local pro-life center.
  2. Be sure to contact representatives from the center and see just what items they are most in need of.
  3. Set up the date and time of the event with the local business well in advance, so that you will have time to advertise.
  4. Make Community Baby Shower invitations as shown above. (Use link below for a template that can be customized to your needs)
  5. On the day of the event, set up a table with information advertising the services offered by the pro-life center. Have knowledgeable volunteers stationed at the table to answer any questions.
  6. Lastly, send all proceeds to the pro-life center.

Click here for the diaper invitation template : Baby Shower Invitation

Print invitations on 3×5 in. index cards, and trim corners to look like a diaper.