If you’ve never heard the tale of Swan Lake, you are missing out on one of the most enchanting, magical love stories of all time

These cupcakes were inspired by the mystic evening where the prince was placed under the Black Swan’s trance and swept away from his true love, Odette. Only later did he realize the mistake he made and set off to find his beautiful, majestic, love, who (by that point) was distraught and heart broken…It is only by the suffering and forgiveness of Odette that the two are able to rekindle the flame and start anew.  

Sound familiar? This tale reminds me so much of the love and forgiveness of our Lord and Savior. During those times when we feel we’ve been deceived and led astray from our true motives, God is always there to forgive us and give us a new start! How beautiful.  

…oh and back to the cupcakes. Simply frost chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing tinted with black food coloring and place a plastic ballerina figure on top!

Ballerinas may be ordered online, or found in a craft store.