Amidst all the temptations in this world, it’s so difficult to stay true to your innermost values. From time to time, we get swept up in the meaningless noise of our surroundings and forget our true purpose: to love and serve God in everything we do. And to love and serve others. I made this collage a few years ago and each bitty picture, quote, prayer, and lyric represents something near and dear to my heart. Displaying it near my bed gives me something to glance at before closing my eyes for the night. It reminds me of who I am and where I plan to be. I encourage you to make one of these collages for yourself.

Love always. V.


Bulletin board
Pictures, lyrics, holy articles, prayers, or anything else you love and has helped shape who you are or where you want to be.


Arrange articles on board to your liking and hang in a prominent place.