I’ve been told time and time again by family and friends “every guy wants a good girl.” And I’ve come to realize it’s true…as a good girl, I’ve had a handful of guys who’ve taken an interest in me over the years. However, in my experience I’ve realized that while “every guy wants a good girl,” he only wants her when the time is convenient for him. In the meantime, he can pursue some of her less modest peers, a phenomena known as “sowing one’s wild oats.”

What does this mean for us “good girls” then? And by “good girls,” I mean the girls who respect their bodies and recognize it , as a precious gift πŸ›, are goal-oriented πŸŽ“ , modest πŸ‘—, classy πŸ‘ΈπŸ½, and ultimately fun-loving πŸ’• creatures… It means we constantly feel HUMILIATED. Humiliated because our worth was disregarded by someone who’d rather invest their time and effort into a cheap asset, rather than the expensive one that is going to last.

If it has happened to you, you know the frustration and hurt brought about by this dysfunctional behavior. It may leave you wondering, “Did I do something wrong?” But that is NOT the case! Rather, you did something right!

You are living in accordance with God’s plan for femininity, which Saint Pope John Paul II coined as the “feminine genius.” (See: http://madeinhisimage.org/fashionandthefemininegenius/) In summary, it is a concept that recognizes that lasting beauty stems from intrinsic qualities like virtue and character, rather than external vanities.

So if you feel like you’ve been the girl on the back burner or hurt time and time again, I’m here to say, “Keep on doing what you’re doing.” No matter how broken our world seems at times, we “good girls” can be the glue to mend it back together. We can lead by example, embrace the humiliation as a humbling experience, and keep hoping for a love that allows us to serve God better as a couple, than we ever could on our own!

And when the guys who broke your heart finally realize that your worth is more precious than rubies, pray for some divine intervention on how to deal with them at that point. ✌🏽 Things will always work out how they’re supposed to if you sincerely try and follow Christ’s example. After all that’s what “good girls” do best!

Sometimes it takes a little “dying” behind closed doors, so that others can “live.”Β