Amidst all the temptations in this world, it’s so difficult to stay true to your innermost values.  From time to time, we get swept up in the meaningless noise of our surroundings and may begin to wonder “Who Am I?” anymore?

Try this simple exercise to remind yourself who you are, what you love, and where you want to be.  Please feel free to share your poem in the comments!

“I am” Poem

I am a country girl heart , with an uptown girl lifestyle

I am home-cooking, loving my family, and putting the world away for a minute

I am spontaenous peanut butter and jelly making at 2AM

I am graceful, strong, and deep: a black swan

I am overthinking, over analyzing, prioritizing

I am everlasting sunshine, a gentle sea breeze, and sometimes a storm to chase.

I am “every mile is a memory”, and “everything happens for a reason”

I am perpetually praying throughout the day and guarding my heart to protect my soul

I am twinkle lights, a secret garden, and watching the fireflies on warm summer nights

I am embracing femininity to its fullest: a First Lady in the making

I am “al naturale” because it sounds classier than “all natural”

I am TeawithV

I am me