It is such a relief to have saints that have “been there” and have “done that.” They are friends you can turn to in life’s most stressful situations. ❤️  Like having a best friend on earth, one of these heavenly men and women can become your best friend: you can develop a deep connection with them and tell them pretty much anything!

Because saints were human just like us. They fell into the same pitfalls and temptations that we do. But the reason their legacy lived on was because despite their failings and shortcomings, they always chose to…

1. Love God
2. Be close to Him

Loving God means following His commandments no matter the hurt it may bring to you. It means choosing His way over your own selfish desires.

To be close to God, one must part with sin, that is, to be truly sorry for not obeying God’s commandments and to be reconciled with Him again through the sacrament of penance.   Because sin causes a divide between God and man, a saint hates to hurt God, and for this reason, his or her life is changed forever.  He or she strives to do good, no matter the cost… and the reward is being in communion with God in heaven.

When you think about it, loving and being close to God is truly a beautiful way to live.  It can be attainable to anyone throughout life if he or she has the strength and proper spiritual mentors: the saints!  Since the saints have accomplished seeing God in His kingdom first-hand, don’t you think they are the best ones to ask about it?

I hope after reading this, you realize that the time to familiarize yourself with the saints is now!  Network your way to heaven with their friendship and intercession.  Ask your heavenly friends to pray for not only you, but for those you love as well.  Ask them to help make you and your friends on earth, saints!

Here is a link to get you started in picking a best friend: