Today I met one of the nicest, most down-to-earth persons at a little swimwear boutique called “Curves n’ Waves” in Coral Gables, Miami. While I don’t usually post things like this (oh wait… yes I do! I love to over analyze situations) the store owner, Joseph, deserves recognition for his customer service and all my readers’ business at his boutique.

When I first walked in his store, no makeup on, sweat literally pouring off of me from the Miami heat and dressed in Adidas pull on shorts/Philadelphia Philly’s shirt, I thought “Shi*! Is there a side door I can easily sneak out?” I had been to stores like this before and knew how pricey they were. One glance at a price tag labeled $190 and I was like “Errrrt. Negative. Mission Abort.”

However, I didn’t leave. Instead I was greeted by a middle aged gentleman, Joesph, who told me “We are running a sale. Find one you like and I will let you know the price.”

Still, I was skeptical. Even if he gave me 50% off, I couldn’t put myself up to buy it. But still, I looked.

While I fingered through the delicate little things, Joseph started messing with me telling me that my black iced coffee is nasty. “Yes, it’s from McDonalds,” I thought “another sign I look cheap af.”

Then he asked what I was looking for.

“Something with a bit of coverage,” I answered. Trying to think of something.

“What! Why?” he replied.

“You know what, maybe I’m not in the right store,” I said as I tried to leave.

“No, you are absolutely in the right store,” he said.

And for some reason. I believed him.

“Here, try this on,” he said as he handed me a few articles including a little coral bikini.

While I tried on the articles, he sat outside the dressing room and made conversation. He gave me a bottle of water to drink, even though I said I was fine. Each time I came out, he adjusted the straps and made sure what I was wearing looked perfect.

“What do you do for a living?” he asked.

 I told him I was a flight attendant but just resigned to continue my education. He told me I must be the nicest flight attendant and asked if I ever wanted to return to Miami.

“Awe, God bless you” I said “And, yes. I really do love Miami and would like to move back someday. It just seemed like it wasn’t the right timing this time around.”

“God bless you!” he laughed. “And good,” he said “Because Miami needs you. There aren’t many people like you.”

We continued to talk and needless to say, I fell in love with the coral bikini. When I walked out with it on, he told me that he is not just saying this, but my body is perfect. That my muscle tone in my legs is great and my stomach is flat. 

He pointed out the details of the top and explained that because the top had little padding, it accentuated the natural shape of my chest… it was better than any push-up tops that give an artificial look.  

When I looked in the mirror, I could see what he meant. Never before had I seen myself this way before.

What he said next caught me by surprise: “You really are the girl that every guy wants to marry.”

My heart stopped and I felt a deep ache suddenly stab my chest. I turned around and looked at him straight in the eye.

“You know what, you’re right. I am that girl,” I said as my face flushed and the realization penetrated my very core.  

I began to recall the times I heard similar statements from my female friends and family members… usually after a breakup. But never before had I heard it from a man. And it really made all the difference. I realized right then and there that people weren’t just saying these things… they were the actual truth! And that God wanted me to believe, “Veronica, you are enough.” 

“They do,” I said “but they don’t want to date me now” I said as if it were something to be shameful about. 

He looked at me in all seriousness and asked me “But you’d rather that, right? Usually with girls today it is the other way around. Guys date girls with lesser standards and never have the desire to commit to them. But not for you, you are the girl they WANT to commit to.”

“I bet you can cook too, am I right?” he asked.

I laughed. “Yea. I actually have a cooking blog.”

“Of course you do!” “She has a cooking blog!!!” he yelled to his business partner who was arranging bikinis in the back. She smiled at me. She liked to cook too.

“So I really like this bikini, I told him,” feeling a slight emotional attachment to it now. “How much does it run?” I asked.

He told me to look at the price tag and read it to him. It said $149.

“$149” I said clenching my teeth.

“$45” he replied.

My heart started to beat a little faster. 

“Really? $45?… That is more than $100 off!” And soooo, I bought it.

When I was checking out, Joseph asked if I would please stop in and see him whenever I return and gave me the address to his new location. I promised I would.

As I walked out of the store, down Miracle Mile, holding my small white bag with lavender tissue paper and coral bikini in hand, I felt such peace. I knew God had placed me in that store for a reason.

I will forever remember my encounter with Joseph, owner of “Curves n’ Waves,” and plan to recommend all my friends to his store.

The value he helped me see in being a good girl is something I will take with me and pray to recall when the temptation of the world says otherwise.

I know that if he, a man, could see value in my conscientious, lifestyle, there has got to be someone else out there right now who does too…I pray to God for him to make it known to me as Joseph did and desire to make an investment now, while we are in our youth.

Xo. God bless,