As college students we often get tied up in the thought of “Where am I going to work after school?”, “Who will I marry?”, “Will I have enough money to support a family?”, “How about to go on vacations?”

While these are valid concerns for the stage of life we are living in, we can’t forget that we already HAVE a job. We already HAVE a significant other. And lastly we already HAVE our travels planned. We simply need to follow God’s will to get what He has in store for us. This means following His commandments in ENTIRETY. When we stray from them and take shortcuts, we throw everything off course.

Sometimes things don’t go as we necessarily plan for them to go, but that is because God has a GREATER plan than we could ever imagine at that point in time. The important thing is, to achieve His ultimate, we have to do what is right. We have to hate sin as God hates it. We have to completely be changed by Him to be navigated by Him. So what do you say? Do you want God to be your navigator? Do you want to live the life He desires of you…the one you were created for? It is your choice.