So the other night for whatever reason, I just wasn’t hungry. I went to bed knowing that I probably should eat something, but decided just to go to bed. I’d eat breakfast in the morning. Whatever.

So anyways, I ended up dreaming a rather hilarious dream filled with two of my favorite foods: chicken corn soup and ham and bean soup. Yes, you’re probably thinking “This girl’s a weirdo” but I promise there is deeper meaning. Just hear me out and read on.

So, in my dream I was at a conference talking to a man who seemed to be a rather celebrated intellectual. Somehow he began telling me about his upbringing and how “There couldn’t possibly be a God” because of all the hard times he had gone through in the past. According to this man “No loving God would allow for such hardship and tragedy in someone destined for great things.”

However, as I listened to the man, a waiter with bowls of soup was passing by. As the man grabbed one, he realized it was ham and bean, rather than the chicken corn soup he desired.

He looked at it with disgust, “Ugh. This isn’t what I wanted.”

In response to his disgust, I looked at him and gently told him that perhaps the reason why bad things were happening to him is because God knows more than he. Maybe his simple grabbing of the wrong soup was in fact a divine way of protecting him. Maybe the chicken corn soup had traces of salmonella, I explained, and he avoided poisoning by choosing the other offering!

The moral of the story is, God has ways of working that are beyond our comprehension and it is our job to trust in Him.