I wrote this post a few months ago and forgot to post it. Even though it’s a few months late, I wanted to share it. It may be exactly what you need to hear right now:

Have you ever had something (a quote, a song, a speaker) that completely resonates with you? It’s like this thing was placed into your life for a reason, so you can’t help but to give attention to it. Lately, for me, it has been the line from the song “Meant to Be” where Bebe Rexha sings:

“Tired of the fake love, show me what you’re made of. Boy make me believe.”

It’ll pop into my head randomly sometimes and I’m just like “Man. I wish I wrote that.” It’s a line that speaks to my very soul.

I am tired of the fake love. (Aren’t we all?) We engage in these surface-level relationships… ones that are so shallow they only penetrate the very surface of our hearts and leave us craving something more permanent. We yearn for commitment. We want honesty. We long for something real! If you’re a girl, don’t you want a man to help you believe true love exists? And if you’re a guy, the same for a girl? Trust me. You are worth that kind of love! And do not settle until you find it!

For months I’ve had the opportunity to go on numerous dates, but haven’t wanted to. When people say to me “You are too picky. You need to give him a chance,” it’s like “No I really don’t.” It seems like when you get to a point when you love God and entrust Him to give you His best, you can easily sort out the winners from the losers. I’m not wasting my time or any one else’s. If the feelings aren’t mutual… If I don’t find him attractive in body and spirit, I’m not going to date him. I want what is real and I am not settling until it is just that!

I’d like to think my winner is out there somewhere. Perhaps I’ve already met him. If I have, he is obviously confused as to whether he wants to pursue a relationship that’s more than just the surface.

For this reason, I pray for his sincerity and clarity from this day forward. May his pursuit of me seem just as natural and loving as God intended it to be. May he cut out all distractions in entirety and pursue me with pure intent and purpose.