I read somewhere that the way to reach your goals is to envision that you are already there and TAKE ACTION sooner, rather than later.

For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, envision yourself as your healthiest self– meal prepping in your kitchen, sipping a green smoothie, in your workout clothes about to hit the gym… And then go do it.

If your goal is to develop a relationship with the love of your life, envision yourself with the person you cannot see yourself living without…And then go spark conversation with them.

If your goal is to land a dream job, envision yourself in your work attire, carrying out your daily tasks… And then go apply for it.

Of course, just because we envision things to go a certain way, doesn’t mean that God will necessarily allow for it to happen. We need to be willing to readjust our goals to align with the capabilities God has given us.

However, with that said, we must not forget that our goals (so long as they align with God’s Word and do not lead us to sin and temptation) have been placed in our hearts for a reason. We need to act upon them and see where He takes us with them.