Throughout 2019 I asked God to please bless me with “a support system”—that is people who truly care…People who would literally go “out of their ways” to help me achieve my goals. Reflecting upon the year, I can’t help but rejoice at the fact that my prayers were answered…But in a rather unexpected way.

Before my prayers could be answered, I needed to realize something: in order for others to be a support system for me, I needed to be a support system for them! By simple interactions and acts of kindness, I made some of my best, lifelong friends. 💕

The people I met this year taught me some valuable lessons. They taught me about about love—(What it isn’t), health—(mindful eating & Isagenix), and joy in the midst of hardship— (How to “Not worry” and “Be happy”).

I can only hope that the positive trend continues in 2020. Hopefully a full-time career (and perhaps a high-quality relationship with the love of my life) is in store in the new year. 🤞🏼 A girl can dream right?!

I think I’ll start with another prayer. 😉