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2 thoughts on “Contact Veronica”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hi V.

    I tottally liked your most recent post I agreed with you, decisions are opportunities to get closer

    to God’s plan for your life. I was fired from my job it was really a setback and trully sad. But guess

    what? In fact that same day you wrote that last post I was passing an interview

    for a really good job that I was interested in. I guess you’re right sometimes it gets hard

    but God has his plans and everything he does is good. Keep up the good work., your words are

    so inspiring.

    Thank You,


    • Thank you for your letter. ❤️ It is funny because it arrived right at a time that I was asking for guidance on a career; hearing this, I know my heart is in writing. God bless you for your kind words. I pray things work out for you and your new position (and God blesses you beyond imagination!)

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